Kilburn Homebuyers
Specializing in buying houses, flats, for cash in London NW6


New home owners

The Kilburn Fast Home Sales offer many different ways of dealing with the situation when you are endangered with loosing you property. Unlike other companies the Kilburn Fast Home Sales give you broad choice of possibilities so you steel feel like it is you choice what is happening. The Kilburn Fast Home Sales is the best experienced firm in the UK.



Equity Release

If you want to finance your retirement and you are not planning to pass on your property to your children this is a perfect solution.


Stop Repossesion

Act before the bank will take your home away from you


Stop Repossesion

There are many ways to solve this situation. Reputable companies which are around for many ears like the Kilburn can give you many different options.


Selling the house on your own

Quite risky attempt as you can spend a really long time and gain no success as you are not as experienced as a property agent.


KilburnHomebuyers offices

Long office hours and professional service on a highest level make this company really special on a property market


Fast sale

If you are Server by the Kilburn selling your property fast would not be a problem. You will do it with no delay and complications.


New options

The property market this days gives you great choice of opportunities.



The Kilburn Homebuyers's offer is one of the broadest available in the country and what is more all procedures work perfectly to your advantage as they are regularly updated


Newspaper adds

Selling your property by advertising can mislead you and make you loose your precious time


Word of mouth

If you are planning to sell your property by the word of mouth it could only be successful if you already know a few people who are thinking of buying your house but are not certain yet. Otherwise it is better to leave it to the Kilburn Fast Home Sales as you could be waiting for a long time before the word of mouth would work for you amongst your friends. 


E-mail information

You can receive any information you need via e-mail


Telephone line

Our agents are also available on a phone to make the appointment and receive some explanation.



Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to decide whether you want to sell your property or not. It may happen that you have no choice but to sell your house. If it is not the case as you have other back bone to rely on you may consider what is better for you and what opportunity is the best to use.


Professional advcise

The Kilburn Fast Home Sales agents can make the choice easier as they are dealing with that type of issues for years and they can advise you much more accurate than your friends and family.


Final transacion

Made as soon as possible with no unnecessary formalities and delay. Everything is clear for you from the very beginning.