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Seeking the ultimate geek

Exploring the views of many blogs and taking advice from the badpress.eu has been useful and I find myself wanting to learn more as to how this can help me integrate with more blogger's world wide. I wish to find a team of gurus how have a strong understanding of compression I order to send large data files across the internet much easier. If I could be the first to do this it would revolutionize the way the internet works it would also contribute faster surfacing for those with a restricted budget.

This also coincides with the redesign of a little project I have going called houserag. I started it out about 2 months ago its really a site dedicated to dealing with all issues related to property owners how own a home and wish to sell it fast, houserag will have as many areas as possible concerning this. I love names like houserag as I feel its not typical I am als all for the idea of trying to make my services original and not go for a name which half the web already have, houserag to me indicates this way of thinking which is only a personal point of view but don’t take my word check them out.

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