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Google Fanatic

This week brings the Google Fanatic conference. Meaning my own get together of organising my work and being a Google Fanatic such task come together easy.

I have tried all the search engines trying to find information on a specific item or person and sometimes the information is there but the way engines like yahoo are constructed  comparing it with Google is nothing short of a joke in my opinion. If we write a detailed page a good search engine will bring see that our page can be found and the Google search engine does just that. This is why once people start using this fabulous search engine the Google search they seldom want to use others.

After having years of experience working as a web marketer and as a web developer one knows exactly what he wants a Google Fanatic like me is know exception.

You can check out @googleio on Twitter, and the hash tag is #io2011.

Even if you’re not yet a genuine Google Fanatic you soon will be. If you run a business on the internet and you have to research your clients worldwide as it is part of the way which you construct business you will see why they have the edge and that buck does not stop there, they continue to make it even better. They have a group of well qualified workers who’re extremely talented working together. Hardly surprising that I’m a genuine fanatic.

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